Charitable Giving

Why do people choose community foundations?
  • We build endowment funds that grow and benefit our community forever
  • We help donors create an individual or family legacy.
  • We offer donor involvement in selecting charities.
  • We are a local organization meeting a broad range of changing local needs.
  • We provide a simple way to fulfill multiple charitable interests, with low-cost administration.
  • We deliver personalized donor service; we're flexible and responsive to unique needs.
  • We accept a wide variety of assets.
  • We offer maximum tax advantage.
  • We can preserve donor intent even when community needs and  organizations change.
  • We are known for prudent stewardship and investment practices.

Your Gift
The Community Foundation is a vehicle through which individuals, organizations and businesses are able to make gifts and bequests to benefit Dickinson County and surrounding areas. Income from these gifts is used to address a broad spectrum of needs in the community. The gifts are tax deductible .

Contributors may select an existing fund, create a new fund, or specify the Unrestricted Fund, which allows the foundation to allocate grants to the area of most need.

To make a contribution, contact the foundation at 906-774-3131 or by requesting information at

Why Make a Gift?
You can address a broad range of local needs. Arts. AIDS. Aging. At-risk youth. Just a few aspects of community life supported by your community foundation. Every year we make grants to local agencies and programs serving our every-changing population.

Your donation works forever. And it's fully tax deductible. When you donate through our endowment funds, your gift principal never gets spent. It's carefully invested, and the earnings are used to benefit our community through annual grants.

ou can create a personal legacy of giving. We offer a variety of giving options--including the ability to set up a special fund named for you, for your family, or in memory of a loved one. If you wish, you can be involved in the distribution of grant dollars generated by your fund. It's a highly personalized approach to giving.