2017 Grants Awarded
Dickinson Area Community Foundation, Crystal Falls Area Community Foundation and Norway Area Community Foundation recently awarded for the 2017 grant cycle $73,408 to various agencies and organization in our local communites.
Grants awarded were as follows:
Agency Grants:
Crystal Falls Koob Historic (Crystal Falls Harbour House) $608
Friends of Camp Batawagama $2,284
Crystal Falls Koob Youth (Crystal Falls Contemporary Center) $604
Champion Romney (DICSA) $7095
Almost Home Animal Shelter $8,092
Salvation Army $11,428
Adult Basic Education $973
Dickinson County Hospital Community $2,313
Dickinson County Hospital Capital $12,697
Dickinson County HHospital Benevolent $784
Fine Arts (Association of Student Artrists) $296

DACF Community Grants:
Civic Improvement- Menominee Range Historical Foundation for WWI Photo Wall $1,373
Community Health Fund - Dickinson County D.A.R.E. for the D.A.R.E program $819
Fine Arts - Crystal Theatre for natural gas heater $673 & Niagara High School for Shakesphere Theatre trip $225
Health Care- Dickinson County Cancer Unit for Nutritional Supplement program $2,000 & Dickinson County D.A.R.E. for the D.A.R.E program $168
Homeless Prevention - St Anthonys Conference St Vincent De Paul for Friends in Need program $2,087

Norway Youth Advisory Committee (YACs)
Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District -  Little Diggers Project Dickinson County $750
Dickinson County Library - Build Connections with Makey Makey and Your Library $500
Wildlife Unlimited Dickinson County - Salmon in the Classroom $750
Dickinson County Civil Air Patrol - Squadron Flag $650
Dickinson County D.A.R.E. - D.A.R.E. program $513

Crystal Falls Youth Advisory Committee (YACS)
Forest Park School - Chemistry program $1,390
Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp - Live Love Fortune Lake $500
Forest Park School - Robotics Club $600
Friends of Camp Batawagama - Ocean Kayaks $1,400
Dickinson Iron Intermediate School District - Little Diggers Iron County $250
Crystal Falls Contemporary Center - Youth Pottery & Creative Arts programs $1,312

Iron Mountain/Kingsford Youth Advisory Committee (YACs)
Dickinson Iron Intermediate School District - Dickinson-Iron Healthy Youth Coalition $1,100
Iron Mountain Music Boosters - Band Room Instrument Storage $2,524
Kingsford Music Booster Club - Cymbal purchase $1,283.65
Iron Mountain Public School -Reading Olympics $3,568.35

Crystal Falls Community Grants:
Crystal Falls Museum Society Harbour House - Upgrades to museum library and special exhibits area $600
Crystal Falls Museum Society Harbour House - Website upgrade & media $598
Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp Association - Active Fortune Lake program $600

Mini Grants
Mini Grants are available throughout the year for up to $250. Applications are available by clicking on the link below and can be mailed or e-mailed to dacf@uplogon.com